World Mental Health Day

I remember in 2014 social media was sent into a tail spin when a popular twitter user Brandon Allwood   wrote a touching blog post  ( his struggle with depression. I never knew of him before his post but I could relate to it. Like him I was depressed, even though I was undiagnosed, I knew my sadness was not 'normal'.

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Managing Stress!

Managing Stress

Everyone has stress and may feel there is nothing they can do about if.

Managing and coping with stress is all about taking charge. Take charge of your lifestyle, emotions, thoughts and the ways in which you attepmt to solve problems.

There is no one way to deal with stress, it is no “one size fits all” solution as we all respond differently.

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Jamaican Youths In Rural Areas

In the urban areas young people have access in advance to advantageous information that can be used to enhance their future career choices. In rural areas the young people do not have these opportunities. The government should access these young persons who are actually interested in being seen. 

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What Do You Know About Peace Day in Jamaica?

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6 Exciting Sports Careers You Should Consider

The world we live in is a dynamic one with constant changes taking place as humans and technologies develop. It is said, the more things change, the more they remain the same and sports is one of those things which remained as a stalwart since the beginning of time. From Greek gods to Usain Bolt, the sporting industry continues to boom over the centuries and so are the career options associated with it.

Do you love sports and can’t imagine working in any other field? Well here are some options for you.


Sports Journalist

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EOJ Voting Procedures

Voting is an important process, so for the newbies, and as a bit of a refresher for those who have done this before, below is a poster from the Electoral Commission of Jamaica showing you the steps.

Remember to take along your national ID card. There is a process to allow you to vote without your ID, but you will save a lot of time by having your card on election day.


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About the Zika Virus


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Cold Hearts, Greivious Acts

Its rather dishartening to see all the news with the constant murders, and they only get more and more gruesome. Persons calling for the end but these same person are the same ones upholding the practice, protecting those guilty and assist in hiding them. 

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Gospel Explosion Was A Hit

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10 Places To Find Jobs In Jamaica

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