Love Yourself!

Why Youth Should Practice Self-Love

by Fatima Muwwakkil

When I speak of self-love, I don't mean egoism, conceited, or boastful arrogance. These are all extreme attributes. I also recognize that any positive attribute can become unhealthy when it shifts to the extreme. Rather, I am referring to the feeling of self-worth and self-acceptance, which are both recognized as components of a person's ability to effectively function and co-exist in society.

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Which School Is "The Right School" For Your Child?

Which school is "The Right School" for Your Child?

Exceited School Girls With Laptop Stock Photo


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JAMAICA, Your Innovation and Technology Destination

Jamaica the largest english speaking country in the Caribbean. The country is thebirth place  of some of music's greatest genres and artists. Jamaica is home of two of the largest and and best airports in the Caribbean (world travel awards), possesses the best tourist board in the region (world travel awards), is a leading cruise destination and is renowned for its prowess in athletics.

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Lucky Charms

Like a box of 'lucky charms', they are some companies that shareholders would say they're charmed to have.

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Register for Coastal Clean-up Day

International Coastal Clean-up Day is on September 20, 2014. Each year in September, hundreds of thousands of volunteers comb lakes, rivers, and beaches around the world for litter. The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) is the National Coordinator of ICC in Jamaica. If you plan to host a river or beach clean-up for International Coastal Cleanup Day, you need to register with JET by August 15, 2014.

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Mental Health Matters

“He is just in his twenties and he has already lost his mind.”

I remember moving as a child and meeting my new neighbours. One person who made quite an impression was the young man who lived in the big house behind me. He was always pleasant and kind and a broad smile would emanate whenever he saw someone. He sang beautifully; his clear tenor tone would awaken sleeping emotions in the otherwise still and quiet village.

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#MentalHealthMatters: TraceAnn Gooden


Her story :

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Clarendon Y.I.C and York Town Celebrate Good News

“Good news is rare these days, and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond.” Hunter S. Thompson

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The Manchester Youth Information Centre currently has some NYS volunteers with us for 3 weeks and our project will be on ( 3) three social interventions on the topics of Teenage Pregnancy, Unemployment and Substance Abuse and we'll be focusing on (3) three communities; Royal Flat, New Green and Greenvale. As well as a (2) two weeks summer camp started on the 14-25, all of which begin at 9 am.

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Shamar Rowe - Data Clerk: PortmoreYIC

Twenty-two year old Shamar Rowe is the Monitoring and Evaluation/Data Clerk at the Portmore Youth Information Centre. Primarily, Shamar provides support to the Youth Empowerment Officers (YEOs) at the Centre, by handling the data collection processes at the YIC. 

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