55 Youth Clubs to Receive Grants from MOEYI

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEYI) officially launched the Youth Clubs Charge UP Project on September 7th in Morant Bay, St. Thomas. The first phase of the project involves the provision of grants of $30,000 each to 55 youth clubs across Jamaica. MOEYI State Minister Floyd Green kicked off the project by providing grants to two youth clubs from St. Thomas - Bamboo River Youth Club and Friendship Pen Youth Club.

Speaking at the Launch, Minister Green reiterated the Ministry's commitment to revitalising Jamaica's youth club movement. "Youth clubs are an excellent mechanism for getting young people involved in productive activity, for personal development and for building civic pride", stated the Minister. "For this reason, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is focused on charging up the youth club movement and energising youth at the community level", he continued.

Through the Charge UP Project, youth clubs will gain access to training and mentorship through the Ministry's Youth Empowerment Officers. Youth Club Assistants will also be engaged in each parish, with the mandate of working with inactive youth clubs and facilitating capacity building processes. The project involves the restructuring and strengthening of the National Youth Council of Jamaica, which is the umbrella organisation for community based youth clubs across the country.


State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Floyd Green providing a grant to the Friendship Pen Youth Club at the Launch of the Youth Clubs Charge UP Project


The grants to the Bamboo River and the Friendship Pen Youth Club followed a joint youth club meeting with members from both groups. Under the facilitation of Minister Green and representatives from the Youth and Adolescents Policy Division of the MOEYI, the club members identified areas of potential partnership for peace-building in their communities. While both youth clubs received grants of $30,000.00 each, the grants were provided under the condition that a joint activity be held with the funds received. 

"We believe in partnership. It is important that as young people we pool our ideas, efforts and energies towards leading positive youth and community development", explained the Minister. 

Clubs across the island can now apply for one of 55 available youth club grants of $30,000.00 each. Applications should be made via video submission to the YouthJamaica facebook page. The deadline for applications is September 30, 2017.

Minister Green noted, "clubs will need to have at least 75% of their membership being between 15-24 years old in order to be eligible for the grants. Additionally, the club must have been in existence for at least 6 months prior to the grant application". 

More information on the Charge UP Project and the Charge UP 55 Youth Club Grants is available here

MOEYI State Minister Floyd Green addressing members of the Friendship Pen and Bamboo River youth clubs at their joint meeting held as part of the Launch of the Youth Clubs Charge UP Project