Jamaica Youth Ambassadors Programme 2017-2019 Applications

The Jamaica Youth Ambassadors Programme (JAYAP) was established in 2000 as a strategy to promote youth advocacy and facilitate youth participation in decision-making processes. Since 2000, the JAYAP has produced a number of youth leaders, who have offered representation of Jamaican youth issues at the national, regional and international levels. The 2017 selection of Jamaica Youth Ambassadors incorporates recommendations made in a JAYAP Programme Review conducted at the end of tenure for the last cohort. 
For 2017-2019, six young persons aged 27 years or younger will be appointed as Jamaica Youth Ambassadors (YAs). 
The breakdown of portfolio areas and assigned YAs is as follows:
  • CARICOM  (2)
  • Commonwealth (2)
  • United Nations General Assembly (2)
Regional and international obligations to CARICOM and the Commonwealth necessitate the appointment of youth ambassadors to these bodies. Association with both the CARICOM and Commonwealth Youth Programmes have borne fruit over the years, particularly through policy and programme recommendations for key youth development challenges and issues such as youth unemployment and entrepreneurship.
The portfolio - YA: United Nations General Assembly, provides an opportunity for Jamaican youth to have a voice at one of the highest levels of decision making in the world. Attendance at the General Assembly affords the opportunity for Jamaican youth to actively shape the development of international frameworks for action. The YA:UN is also responsible for promoting and advocating for action on the Post 2015 Agenda, and the organization of initiatives to commemorate International Youth Day and Global Youth Service Day.  
YAs have the responsibility of advocating for and educating young people as per issues defined through consultations at CARICOM Youth Ambassadors Programme, the Commonwealth Youth Programme and the UN General Assembly.  Second, these YAs should seek to bring national issues to the attention of policy makers and planners at the Regional/international level though the coordination/collation of data relating to youth issues at the national level.
Jamaica Youth Ambassador Responsibilities 
The responsibilities of YAs include (but are not limited to) the following:
  •  Coordinate/collate desk reviews and consultations on specific youth development issues;
  •  Provide analysis of national and international youth development trends, challenges and opportunities;
  •  Provide recommendations for policy and programme development;
  •  Provide support to national youth organisations (e.g. National Youth Council), through the dissemination of  research data and other information relating to the YA’s area of focus, to inform position papers and  programme/project development;
  •  Regularly contribute to national discourse on youth development issues, through national and local media,    public forums, consultations and other relevant avenues;
  •  Bring national issues to the attention of policy makers and planners at the Regional/international level though the coordination/collation of data relating to youth issues at the national level;
  • Partner with relevant government ministries/agencies/departments towards effecting key aspects of the development agenda of these institutions, through representing the views of youth, and mobilising youth support.
  • Provide support to Youth Information Centres (YICs) through facilitating empowerment sessions;
  • Maintain links with Jamaican young people  and remain an active member of a youth group; 
  • Carry out a total of 12 social intervention sessions with young people to pass on their knowledge and  training (At least one session per year must be held at each YIC); 
  • Take part in the planning and execution of  major Youth Division and other Government youth development activities including, but not limited to the Youth Ambassador Installation Ceremony, Prime Minister’s Youth Awards and Youth Month (November). 
  • Serving as Dean of JAYAP for a period not exceeding 4 (four) months in order to undertake specific initiatives and assist with the overall coordination of the Programme. 

Application Guidelines 

  1. Read the full JAYAP Terms of Reference (TOR) inclusive of Code of Conduct for Ambassaors (Download TOR
  2. This application consists of 12 sections inclusive of the Programme Overview and Application Process Outline. Please read all sections carefully and be sure to submit supplemental documents as required.  
  3. Use the link below to apply online: 

Click here to Apply Online

Or download the application form and submit hardcopy via mail or email as outlined below: 
You will also be required to download, complete and/o submit via e-mail or hard copy: 
1. The JAYAP Service release form completed by HR Manager, Director or Principal  (Download Here)  
2. 1 Professional Passport Sized photo 
3. Two written references 
4. Proof of age (copy/ scanned image of national identification or birth certificate) 
Submit to:
Jamaica Youth Ambassadors Programme
c/o Ministry of Education, Youth and Information 
4-6 Trafalgar Road
Kingston 5

The 2016 Edition of the Youth Development Index ranks Jamaica 46th out of 157 countries by tallying its scores in the areas of:

  1.    Education
  2.    Health and Well-being
  3.    Employment and Opportunity
  4.    Political participation
  5.    Civic Participation

Prepare a 1500-2000 word essay explaining how you as a Jamaica Youth Ambassador would seek to improve Jamaica’s ranking in one of the 5 domains of the Youth Development Index listed above.

If you are apply online, it is strongly recommended that you type and edit your essay in Microsoft Word etc. before copying and pasting it into the Essay section of the application form. Please use in line citation for references. 
Deadline for the receipt of application and ALL supporting documentation is  Friday March 10, 2017 at 5:00PM