PM Awards 2017

Nominations are now being accepted for the Prime Minister's National Youth Awards for Excellence. The Prime Minister’s National Youth Awards for Excellence (PM Awards) was introduced in 1998 to recognise young Jamaicans who have excelled and contributed to national development.


Selection Committee
A PM Awards Selection Committee was appointed by Prime Minister Andrew Holness in April 2017. The Committee is chaired by Mr. Warren Newby, and includes representatives from youth-led groups, youth-serving organisations, academia, the church, persons with disabilities and subject matter experts in the various fields.


Nomination Process
Nomination forms can be downloaded here, and can be accessed from Youth Information Centres islandwide.
The deadline for submission of nominations for the 2017 PM Awards is September 15, 2017.



Nominees must be:

  • Jamaican nationals (including those living overseas)
  • Born between January 1, 1988 and December 31, 2002


Award Categories

  1. Agriculture and Agro-processing
  2. Entrepreneurship/Social Entrepreneurship
  3. Journalism/E-Journalism
  4. Arts and Culture
  5. Leadership
  6. Environmental Protection
  7. Sports
  8. Academics
  9. Innovation in Science and Technology
  10. International Achievement
  11. Youth Development Award
  12. Jamaica 55 Special Award (Volunteerism)



What’s New for 2017

Previously, nomination was open to persons between the ages of 15-24. The age cohort for nomination has been expanded to 15-29, in accordance with the direction of national youth development policy.

Two award categories have been added:

  • Innovation in Science and Technology, for young persons who have proven to be innovative in advancing scientific research and providing scientific or technological solutions to a problem; and
  • Environmental protection, for young persons who have distinguished themselves as environmental stewards and advocates.

The PM Awards recognises the increasing distribution of electronic content via the internet. Consequently, the Journalism award category has been modified to include e-journalism. All nominees should have produced a quality work that has had a national impact, and has resulted in the resolution of a situation, or improvement in the well being of persons involved.

The award criteria for the category – Entrepreneurship has been modified to allow for the conferment of awards to social entrepreneurs, in addition to the traditional entrepreneurs. Nominees for social entrepreneurship must operate a social enterprise that has contributed significant social and economic value at the community and/or national level.

A Jamaica 55 Special Award will also be conferred on 55 young persons who have demonstrated outstanding and consistent voluntary service at the community and/or national level. These persons must have given service which is not related to mandatory obligations for work or school. Awardees in this category will also be eligible for project grants from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, to further their community and youth development work.