Vybzing Jamaica 2016

Vybzing is coordinated by the Caribbean Development Bank, and is a platform for youth engagement with emphasis on youth empowerment and participation in the development process.In 2016, the Vybzing Programme will be executed in Jamaica through partnership with the Youth Division of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information.

Vybzing seeks:

  • To enhance youth in civic engagement by strengthening the youth voice and aspirations
  • To promote youth-led initiatives to address high-risk youth issues and support the high level participation of youth to build youth resilience in communities
  • To engage youth in developing and implementing community-based interventions
  • To empower youth as agents of change to promote human development in their communities
  • To build forma l and informal networks among the Region’s youth that foster cooperation, networking and knowledge sharing in support of regional development and integration
  • To promote strategic engagement and social partnership with youth and development agencies in development processes

Two exciting initiatives are being hosted in Jamaica under the Vybzing Programme. These are:

Vybzing Youth Forum

Vybzing Challenge


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