What Empowerment Means to Me

Shanique Hayden

What Empowerment Means to Me

- Shanique Hayden

Integrate, don't discriminate against deaf

As one of two national Jamaica youth ambassadors for disabilities, I was fortunate to be at the annual general meeting of the Jamaica Association for the Deaf recently. While we've met and discussed issues with select members, the AGM provided a greater opportunity to be aware of the strides and setbacks of the association, and the deaf community, in general.

St. Thomas Youth creating history for the Parish in HEART-Trust National WorldSkills Jamaica Compitition 2012

History in the Making Ms. Shanice Watson along with her 3 collages are creating history for the parish of St. Thomas as being the first to enter the National HEAR -Trust WorldSkills Jamaica competition from the parish of St. Thomas.

Ms. Watson has advanced to the semi final in the area of Beauty Services, Her collages which entered in the respective areas await their results and elimination competition.

Can ICT Help Tap Young Talent in Jamaica? - Meeckel Beecher

As the Caribbean region gears up to collectively brainstorm on how to make our economies prosper, I think it's only fitting to discuss here one growth driver that, in my view, has largely been neglected: The cultural and creative industries.

Healthy Livity

The National Youth Policy (2004) has sought to improve the rights of youth as it pertains to health. It has become even more important for young people to embrace healthy lifestyles and enjoy optimum physical and mental health, so that the ever growing labour force can be more productive.

Youth Entrepreneurship Policy & Strategy

For many years, there were no support systems for youth to have sustainable businesses. Many of the business leaders today are usually established people who have had years of experience in business. However, that is about to change! A Youth Entrepreneurship Policy & Strategy is now being tabled for more sustainable youth businesses. This not only opens up opportunities for business start up, but also increases the longevity of many businesses that would otherwise start but then fade along the way.