Champs Fever: Creating A Legacy

Martin Manley, Michael O'Hara, and Zharnel Hughes, compete in Boys & Girls Champs 2014


For so many years, people from all around the world have been drawn to the vibrant track and field culture that has formed a central part of the strength of our Jamaican culture and pride.

Partner with Youth Organizations to stop Child Abuse

Partner with Youth Organizations to stop Child Abuse

For Immediate Press release


Confidence and Determination Recipe for Success

In life your decisions are going to be criticized....If you know tht your decision isn't bad...let determination ensure your it your parents or to prove them wrong...they will be concerned especially when they barely know you and believe in you...which is the case for many of us. Show them that you can make a future for yourself off what many people failed to do...Have enough drive to reach your full potential...Aim to be on top...dare to be the best...

Who is a "Youth Ambassador"?

"Who is a "Youth Ambassador"?"


Have you ever asked yourself that question?

We've often been urged to become good role models, and to "set a good example" for those who observe us, whether it be our peers, those younger or even older than us.

A Simple view...Mind of Youths and the Wider World

I could blog about all the issues we youths have and solutions ...but i'll spice up this page with a new outlook on life...and simple everyday scenarios that we can relate teens these days...taking the credit for stolen quotes....that at times they barely agree with...but what i see is that we do alot for acceptance and attention....we are enticed by social media fame...and many of us display a false image of ourselves on the net...which is more a cause for concern in the matter of integrity than the vast amounts of photos posted...Youths sre fascinating....

New Outlook on Reality as one with "Fiction"

Why put the best of life in the movies and not live it?

Solutions to youth unemployment from a Youth Perspective

Youth unemployment is one of the world's biggest challenges and it must not be put in a box marked 'too difficult to solve' alongside global warming, says Lynda Gratton.

Youth unemployment is a global phenomenon affecting 73 million youth worldwide are looking for work according to the International Labour Organization. In Jamaica youth umemployment is no stranger, unemployment among youth aged 18 to 24 is a cause for concern in the country, increasing from 34.4 per cent at the end of April 2011 to 38.5 per cent at the end of April 2012.

Why Didn't Kaci Win?


"Why didn't Kaci Win?"

Garlic fi di Acne

Acne is the plague of our youth and you are very lucky if you don't or have never suffered from acne.  a skin condition characterized by red pimples on the skin, especially on the face, due to inflamed or infected sebaceous glands and prevalent chiefly among adolescents.

I'm here to tell you that there is a wat to reduce and even stop acne; Superfood Garlic!

To declare a minor....... or not?

Happy New Year Everyone! This post is taken from my own blog, 'the Wide Eyed Wonderer'. Should you minor to your major? I'll explore this in this post. This is the condensed version for the NCYD Blog. You can check out the non abbreviated version by clicking on the link at the end of this post. Thanks for reading!