I became aware of the #banbossy campaign this year because Beyonce and Lifetime were apart of it. I was like why would they want to ban bossy? What did bossy ever do to them?

Moving Into The Digital Era (Pt 1) - Online Shopping

It has long been the dream and hope of many Caribbean people to be able to shop from the comfort of their homes. You know, to get that new shoes, new handbag, 'OMG' even that new dress she saw on Hautelook. For the guys: the latest in gadgets, that Manchester United Jersey, the Arsenal "Gunners" Jersey or even the Chelsea Jersey (If i didn't mention your team apologies, hey i am just giving The Nike, Reebok, PS4!!!!! or XBOX one!!. Just to name a few.

Bus Fare Hike and Shallow Pockets

Still a hot topic is the fare increases by the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC). Fares have increased from $100 to $120 for adults, $20 to $30 for students up to the age of twenty years in school uniform and the elderly and disabled community fares have increased to $40 up from $20. These fare increases also apply to JUTC sub franchise holders.

Computer Viruses

So in this blog post we are going to learn about Computer Viruses.  

A Toast To Your Health: 4 Steps To Avoid Chikungunya

A Toast To Your Health: 4 Steps To Avoid Chikungunya

Have you heard about it? I'm sure you have. It's been in the news for a while now... even before it reached our very shores! And trust me: you don't want it to get a hold of you.

I'm talking about the chikungunya virus, spread by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. 

33 Ways To Use Aloe Vera

Tropical Aloe Uses

- Fatima Muwwakkil


1. Pamper yourself to a soothing body rub. Slice aloe leaves lengthwise and use the inner sides as a biodegradable body scrub in the shower.

2. Treat burns from minor mishaps in the kitchen—from grease splatters or hot utensils.

3. Soothe and heal sunburns the feel-good way. Aloe contains cooling properties similar to menthol.

4. Take the sting or itch out of insect bites.

5. Alleviate mysterious rashes.


Today I will take you on a journey into the world of words and how we often misrepresent them. I will also give a synopsis on how we currently operate and give you an insight of how we ought to operate. There is a word that has been misused by many over the years. In fact, this word, I keep close to my heart as not only is it rich, but are also my guidance to my motionless mind.

Social Media, Silent Danger.

Social Media has become the new way of keeping in touch with our old friends and family, and the way to make new friends and even forge some kind of relationship...even marriage [Wedding music playing].

Networking: One of the steps to finding a Job

Nowadays, the job market is very competitive and if you think that it is going to be easy to land a job in a sea filled with highly skilled and qualified people to choose from then you need to step away from the smokescreen, and face the reality. Your qualifications alone won’t make it. You need to network. Not familiar with the term? No worries, keep on reading.