6 Exciting Sports Careers You Should Consider

The world we live in is a dynamic one with constant changes taking place as humans and technologies develop. It is said, the more things change, the more they remain the same and sports is one of those things which remained as a stalwart since the beginning of time. From Greek gods to Usain Bolt, the sporting industry continues to boom over the centuries and so are the career options associated with it.

Do you love sports and can’t imagine working in any other field? Well here are some options for you.


Sports Journalist

Sports journalism is pretty dynamic because it allows you to choose the area in which you are most comfortable. It allows you to choose between doing mini interviews with an athlete after the game, pumping adrenaline to catch the “money shot” photo of an athlete in play, doing live commentary while the game is being played or writing reviews or analyses on the games played. The choice is yours. This job is pretty flexible and it allows you to work for different companies. Can somebody say show me the money!  Average salary = US$38,000 per year



Coaches are there to help individual athletes and sports teams to perform to the best of their abilities through instruction and training. Coaching is dynamic as it allows you to choose your favourite sport and make a living by helping people to improve. You may even coach more than one sport.  The salary differs, because coaching a primary school team pays differently from coaching Manchester United



Physiotherapists help injured persons or persons with illness and disability through movement, exercise and manual therapy. They educate and advise people of all ages to maintain health, manage pain and prevent disease. Average salary US$82,180 per year



Anyone can tell you, the most important to keeping a fit, healthy body is actually not exercise, but your diet. Dieticians plan meals and overall diets for athletes to aid in metabolism and overall performance in their sport, should they have any underlying illnesses, you enjoy that their food is a part of their medicine. You will provide alternatives to other popular foods to keep abs looking sharp, energy levels and performance in tip top shape.  Average Salary US$=54,000 per year


Physical Education Teacher / Lecturer

Jamaica does well in sports, in order to become a coach, physiotherapist or dream of having a career in sports, you must first do Physical Education. A physical education teacher trains students in the practical and theory aspects of the sporting industry. Physical Education teachers are needed since Physical Education is offered at the CXC and CAPE levels.

Sports Psychologist

I think we all know an athlete that is undeniably talented, but fails to perform optimally in the big race, when it really matters.  You hear people mention that their mind game is weak. Who can help them fix this problem? A Sports Psychologist of course! They study how psychological and social affects affect performance in sports and exercise and work on special programme to help individuals perform at peak levels.  US$91,810 per annum