About YouthJamaica

YouthJamaica.com is the official website for Jamaica's Youth Information Centres (YICs). The site was launched as a virtual YIC in November 2011, and is currently operated by the Youth and Adolescents Policy Division in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information. As a virtual YIC, YouthJamaica.com provides Jamaica's youth with a wealth of information to support their educational, economic and personal development. 

Since 2002, YICs have been constructed across the island as a direct policy of the Jamaican government aimed at empowering youth through the dissemination of information, the provision of other services and outreach activities at central and easily accessible locations islandwide. The concept of YICs has been further expanded to include the identification of Youth Access Points (YAPs)  in remote and underserved areas of the country. 

As is the case with physical YICs, YouthJamaica offers information relating to career development, healthy lifestyles, youth entrepreneurship and personal empowerment. The site provides information on scholarships, job opportunities, youth programmes, competitions, project grants for youth organisations and much more.

Through this platform, one can also access updates, and get involved in the activities and programmes of YICs across Jamaica. The site also provides an events listing and other updates from community-based youth organisations, and other youth-serving entities. 


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