Chattings at St. James YIC

Date Published: 
Monday, March 5, 2018

Since its official opening in 2009, the St. James YIC has been a facilitatory space for youth empowerment, offering young people the opportunity to have dialogue on issues affecting them and providing avenues for personal development. In building on the YIC's strong youth engagement foundations, the Chattings series was started by Youth Empowerment Officer Damian Green on Friday March 2, 2018.

Held in collaboration with the Ambassadors for Change 4H Club, Chattings provides an opportunity for young persons to dialogue with their peers, youth development professonals and other experts on matters relating their personal, educational and economic development. Chattings departs from classroom-style lectures and focuses on conversation, offering a relaxed setting for the sharing of ideas and problem-solving.

Damian Green Youth Empowerment Officer (St. James) engaging youth at the Chattings session on March 2, 2018.


The conversation at the first Chattings sesson focused on goal-setting and planning for the future. The energetic participants took the time to share their personal definitions of success while discussing their strategies for achieving success.

Chattings is not just about the chatting however, with youth being provided with the information and tools to get them actively working towards a successful future. In the next session, participants will be creating vision boards, as they design a visual representation of their future and get started on actively implementing their plans for success.

Mr. Green explained that Chattings will be hosted every two weeks at the St. James YIC.

Young persons from the parish are encouraged to join in and share in this activity. The St. James YIC is located at 1 Humber Avenue in Montego Bay. For information on Chattings and other initiatives of the YIC, call 952 3034 or email [email protected].

Participants sharing in the Chattings session at the St. James YIC on March 2, 2018