Child Month

2020-05-01 12:14
2020-05-31 23:00


Annually in the Month of May, the National Child Month Commitee (NCMC) coordinates activities in celebration of Child Month. This year's theme was conceptualized in September 2019 as "Unplug Negativity, Connect Positivity...Think!!!

It is a deliberate focus on the distracting and destructive potential of technology and social media, and helping persons to reorient into more human-to-human connections, to being more discerning of content ingested, and to be more conscious of their digital footsteps. The admonition that our theme declares is instructive.

In this ‘infodemic’ atmosphere, let us unplug falsehood, panic, fear, discrimination and other negatives, and connect to truth, accuracy, helpful and reassuring information, and most importantly, connect to God.  Parents/ Adults, let us use this period to really get to know and be more of a positive influence on our children. 

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