Clarendon Y.I.C and York Town Celebrate Good News

“Good news is rare these days, and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond.” Hunter S. Thompson

For many of us in the helping profession, we are bombarded with negatives, somewhat like pure sooty carbon. The unemployment, lack of opportunities, violence and poverty are what the people we help everyday seem to dwell on, despite the interventions that we try to implement. With these things happening, the carbon seems to be getting under pressure with lots of heat, as we ask ourselves existential questions to assess if what we do matters.

It is rather refreshing when it seems all the heat and pressure has converted all that carbon into a beautiful diamond and we call that diamond, Good News or Success Stories. When we get those kind of news, we can proudly say that wi glad bag buss and our systems get a well needed optimistic reset.

A few weeks ago the National Centre for Youth Development sent a flyer to my email about the Jamaica Social Investment Fund’s Poverty Reduction Programme. The programme was to be implemented in areas in Jamaica that are prone to violence with significant amounts of poverty. With four communities in Clarendon being highlighted, namely York Town, Lionel Town, Four Paths and Palmers Cross, the Clarendon Youth Information Centre contacted change agents in these communities so that they could make use of the opportunity.

York Town was very excited for the opportunity and sought the assistance of Youth Empowerment Officer, Chevelle Campbell for guidance and advice on their proposed project. Nicola Bailey, Gaston Thomas and David Brown from the York Town Benevolent Society Foundation, worked tirelessly with their team to complete a stellar proposal, which they said they thought would be funded.

In an attempt to increase literacy, numeracy and unity, they proposed a summer camp in which Mathematics, English Language and Civics would be taught as the theoretical components and Netball and Football be used to assist in the more practical areas. There is also a component where members of the course engage in friendly Netball and Football Competitions with other members of the community.

York Town was in high spirits when they contacted the Clarendon Y.I.C this morning, when they informed us that their proposal was selected to be funded. Hard work does pay off!

The Clarendon Youth Information Centre is overjoyed to hear this bit of Good News!

Congratulations York Town and we hope you will have a successful summer programme.