Clarendon Youth Excited About New YIC

Date Published: 
Saturday, May 17, 2014

Youth Leader Dei Rasi Freckleton has expressed optimism about the possibilites for youth development, that will result through the Clarendon Youth Information Centre (YIC). According to Freckleton, "this facility provides an opportunity for Clarendon youth to access services and programmes for their development. Youth are often seen as deficits to society. Through the YIC, we will be able to change this negative perception, and have our youth rightfully considered to be assets and nation builders."

Janoi Edwards, Clarendon Parish    Youth Council

Interim President of the Clarendon Parish Youth Council, Janoi Edwards expressed similar sentiments. Edwards has long been an advocate for the construction of youth-friendly spaces in Clarendon.

He noted, "a centre like this is good for the parish of Clarendon. Based on what I know of YICs in other parishes, youth will have access to information and programmes that can assist them educationally, socially, spiritually and economically."

Edwards pointed out that the town of Clarendon has a large number of unattached youth, and the YIC can be a medium through which these youth can transition into employment, education and/or training. "WIth a facility like this, unattached youth can no longer claim to not have access to opportunities", he asserted.

While pleased with the physical facility now located at 7-9 Trenton Road in May Pen, the youth leaders also advocated for mobile YICs. Edwards noted that youth from upper Clarendon may be unable to access the services of the YIC as a result of economic constraints.


YEO Chevelle Campbell advising           youth about the services offered by the     Clarendon YIC

"Not all young persons are prepared to go for the information and services. Sometimes we have to take the services to them. Having mobile YICs will allow youth in distant and underserved communities to also have access to information", added Freckleton.

The Clarendon Youth Information Centre was officially opened by the Hon. Lisa Hanna, Minister of Youth and Culture on May 16, 2014. YICs have been termed as a safe space for youth empowerment, and offer a number of services to assist youth in their career, educational, social and personal development. All YIC services are offered free of cost.

The Youth Empowerment Officers who will manage the Clarendon YIC are Chevelle Campbell and Kerissa Nelson.