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ADDRESS: 7-9 Trenton Road, May Pen, Clarendon                                     TELEPHONE: 902 5608

EMAIL: [email protected]


Miss Chevelle Campbell                                                            





May Pen Youth Benefit from YIC Summer Camp


If idle hands commit mischief, then the opposite can be said for the 76 Head Up campers, who recently participated in a productive month-long camp at the Trenton Road base, Clarendon Youth Information Centre, in May Pen, Clarendon. Read More


How Much do you Know About Clarendon?

Clarendon is often overlooked when it comes to Tourism and Entertainment. However it has deep, rich roots in history and it bears numerous historial landmarks and areas for Eco-tourism. There are many interesting things that you should know about Clarendon. Read More


Clarendon Youth Excited About New YIC

Youth Leader Dei Rasi Freckleton has expressed optimism about the possibilites for youth development, that will result through the Clarendon Youth Information Centre (YIC). According to Freckleton, "this facility provides an opportunity for Clarendon youth to access services and programmes for their development. Youth are often seen as deficits to society. Through the YIC, we will be able to change this negative perception, and have our youth rightfully considered to be assets and nation builders." Read More


Clarendon YIC and York Town Celebrate Good News

For many of us in the helping profession, we are bombarded with negatives, somewhat like pure sooty carbon. The unemployment, lack of opportunities, violence and poverty are what the people we help everyday seem to dwell on, despite the interventions that we try to implement. With these things happening, the carbon seems to be getting under pressure with lots of heat, as we ask ourselves existential questions to assess if what we do matters. Read More



YEO Chevelle Campbell leads a session on Financial Literacy Karate Training at the Clarendon Youth Information Centre YEO Kerissa Nelson-Gordon (r) sharing information with a  group of young persons




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