Cold Hearts, Greivious Acts

Its rather dishartening to see all the news with the constant murders, and they only get more and more gruesome. Persons calling for the end but these same person are the same ones upholding the practice, protecting those guilty and assist in hiding them. 

Whats most painful to see is the high murder rate to the young and innocent. Children barely out of pampers, are eing murdered execution style.  Where does it end? when does it end? wll it ever end? What do these people hope to gain from this. Recognition? anyone that recognises a murdered is no different, more so anyone that supports or recognizes the murderers of young children and the elderly are nothing more than cowards themselves. 

How can you call yourself the "big man" in the community when you allow things like these to happen or you part take in events like these. When you listen to the elderly they will tall you that "Bad Man" or "dons" were always about but those were real dons becaus ethere are things that could not happen under their leadership. These people never encouraged any acts of violence except towards those that commit acts of violence. Better yet you didnt even know these persons were "dons" until you are called upon to answer for your crimes. 

the young people these days that are commiting acts of violence cite reasons such as  "man diss me, suh him affi get put dung" ,  ä bwoy violate" "him nuh respect me", "di gyal gi weh di ting". No seriously if a man diss you as you say why do you feel that you have to take a life to prove a point, then again what oint are you trying to prove that? that your a murdered? that you an kill someone? evryone can kill someone its just that most people have foud ways of dealing with said situation. 

These most times are the same persons that perform acts of robbery. When asked; "nuh work nuh deh bout" or "work hard to get", so you believe that you must rob those that have sacrificed so much to reach where they are? again another act of laziness and cowardliness. 

If Jamaica is suppose to grow and propser and you want persons to look at this little island in a different view than a violent country  then it has to start with us. No public relations firm no matter how good they are can sweep that image under the carpet. 

Internationally Jamaica is now been bunched in persons mind as one of those countries filled with nothing but murders, liars and scammers. With the rise in lotto scamming moreso in the USA by Jamaicans it only makes matters worst. 

There are those who also commit their horrible acts and post them for the world to see. NOTE; that is not a badge of merit to be showing to the world. 

Motions to remedy these issues have been announced by parliament and one which is well needed is for the police to be able to make convictions base on persons cyber posts. 

Nevertheless there are those persons who are more than willling to maaintain the view that not all Jamaicans are bad. And these people are willing to market the island.

Hopes of Jamaica returning to its former glory has been resting on the minds of many Jamaicans' but for some they believe those former glories will never return. No matter what is done. 

Lets keep hope alive. 

Jamaica, the place to live,  raise a family and do business.