Commonwealth Launches Student Governance Report

Date Published: 
Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Commonwealth has launched the State of Student Governance in the Commonwealth Report. The Report The findings and recommendations contained in the report represent a tremendous opportunity to strengthen the student voice at local, national and international levels. The recommended actions will help tackle barriers and challenges to ensure that student organisations across the Commonwealth are active, engaged, influential and respected. 

The main aims of the study were to identify and explore:

  • The existence of national student bodies and their role/effectiveness in the Commonwealth;
  • The extent to which student-led institutions participate and contribute to education policy at national and regional levels;
  • The main issues, challenges and opportunities facing national student bodies in the Commonwealth;
  • Best practice approaches/strategies to engage students in decision making at national and regional levels;
  • Policy recommendations on strengthening the role and involvement of student bodies in policy making




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