Cyber Security Workshop hosted at Clarendon YIC

Date Published: 
Monday, October 1, 2018

International Youth Day 2018 sought to highlight the various types of safe spaces and the contribution that these spaces make to youth empowerment, youth inclusion and development. Followiing on their IYD 2018 activities, the Clarendon Youth Innovation Centre sought to build the capacity of YIC users to safely navigate digital spaces.

The Clarendon YIC Cybersecurity Workshop was held on September 29, 2018 and sought to explore cybersecurity concerns and provide tips to participants for protecting their identity, image and brand online. The workshop was facilitated by Youth Empowerment Officer Chevelle Campbell who guided participants through discussion on cyberbullying, identity theft and online security.


Youth Empowerment Officer Chevelle Campbell facilitating Cyber Security Workshop at the Clarendon Youth Innovation Centre on September 29, 2018


Campbell noted that the Workshop was coordinated as more needs to be done to promote safe digital practices among Jamaican youth. Referencing findings from a UReport study, Miss Campbell explained that more than 41% of persons report feeling uncomfortable or unsafe online.

"Having conversations about cybersecurity and cyber safety is the first step in reduces incidences of cyberbullying, cybercrimes and other ills that come with the digital space. It is with this in mind that we are focusing on promoting safe cyberuse practices to secure our nation’s most valuable resources for the future- our youth", explained Miss Campbell.

The Cybersecurity Workshop is one activity executed at the YIC under the USAID/MOEYI Partnership for Safety and Security in Schools Project. One component of the Project involves the provision of co-curricular support to youth at the community level, towads building social and life skills, reducing dysfuncitonal behaviorus and improving school performance.


A group of participants complete an activity at the Cyber Security Workshop at the Clarendon Youth Innovation Centre on September 29, 2018