Davey Haughton


"My most profound inspiration comes from the almighty's unconditional love for humanity, exemplified through the life and teaching of Jesus Christ in deeds of selfless service "


Davey Haughton joined the NCYD team in April 2014, as a Youth Empowerment Officer for St Andrew. A graduate of the Northern Caribbean University, Davey holds a B.Sc. in Psychology with a minor in Law and Political Science. He also holds certificates in Safety & Restorative Practice and Servant Leadership and he is trained in Media Monitoring and Drug Adherence and Treatment.

Davey's Interests in Youth Development include:

  • Student Governance & Youth Advocacy
  • Youth Leadership & Capacity Building
  • Youth Mentoring & Personal Development
  • Social Policy Development & Programmes Development
  • Special Project Collaboration & Grant Funding
  • Participation & Empowerment

He has previously mentored young people seeking to transition to university, through a a therapeutic intervention company called Pure Potential. He successfully assisted five mentees, with two still in high school hoping to move on to tertiary studies.

Message to Young People

"Always REMEMBER amidst everything, the vehicle that will convey you from where you are to where you want to be is the Power of your THOUGHTS. All improvement in your life begins with an improvement in your Mental Models.

Whatever you believe on the inside...you become on your outside. You can only become GREAT and BOUNDLESS... if you will believe that something on your inside is superior to every limiting external circumstance. Your capacity for intelligence, imagination, and marvel....is incomprehensible!"