Donmarie Latouche

"One is inspired by the need to be an agent of change from the bottom up, one who is driven by the awareness that every individual possesses strengths that may be dormant due to lack of personal awareness and informed ability to activate them. Through one’s humanness and the passion to help others, ‘self’ becomes a motivator and enabler to those served; guided by pride in the work, the pride in the challenges, the pride in the hopes and visions for life."

Ms. Latouche been working with young people since 2005 as a volunteer tutor to sixth form students and joined the NCYD team in 2011 as a YEO.

With a BSc in Social Work from the Northern Caribbean University, Miss Latouche's primary youth development interests are:

  • Parenting and Family life
  • Skills and Career Development
  • Youth Care and Protection

Miss Latouche has, since joining the NCYD team, accomplished many successes, inclusive of:

  • Development and Implementation of 2 special projects: the Capacity Building Training (CBT), and the Hanover Youth Skills Expo and Art Fair
  • CBT became a certified 6 week course with Kenilworth HEART Academy… certification provided was called Basic Business Administration
  • Higher rates of youth volunteerism and participation in the parish
  • Greater recognition of NCYD among social service providers in the parish
  • Resurrection of the Hanover Youth Council
  • One NSSC representative on region 4 body as PRO

Her biggest accomplishment being the personal development of the project proposal for the Hanover Youth Skills Expo and Art Fair and its implementation since 2012 and 2013.

Message to Youth

"It may come as a fallacy that Jamaican youth population is doing well in various aspects of development. It may also come as fallacy that though the previous statement is true, our youth are often times disfranchised and unseen to their needs. Yet, in midst of what may be dubbed ‘bad luck’, our sense of consciousness should lead us to recognize that there is much to be thankful for. Among all things we should hold to be true, is the underplayed reality that simple wishes will only remain wishes if a renewed drive, hard work and dedication are not ingredient into the wish pool. Let us not make our challenges simply a blame for others, but to seek support in making our life our responsibility. If we continue to do the things we have always done, we will continue to get what we always got. Let us begin to think outside of the crate."