Donnette Batchan-Walker


" I am inspired by the joys of seeing people optimize their potential despite the challenges and achieve success while remaining grounded."

Mrs. Batchan-Walker has been with the YAPD for over 8 years. Starting as a YEO, Mrs. Walker is now the acting Director of Youth Programme Implementation, with responsibility for the development and maintenance of the YICs. She holds a BSc. in Management Studies (UWI) and Post Graduate Diploma  in Organizational Development (MIND / Graduate School).

She has particular interest in Leadership, Resource Mobilization and effective management. Among her successes, Mrs. Walker has:

  • Successful mentoring and counselling of youth
  • YAPD's Resource Management
  • Saving the Organisation Financially
  • Preparation, analysis and monitoring the division budget and cash flow for 8 years

Over the years she has participated in the planning and execution of several events, including:

  • National Youth Organisation Sports Day 2007
  • National Youth Parliament 2009
  • Parliamentary Association Youth Parliament 2012 and
  • International Youth Day Forum 2013

Mrs Walker has devoted many years to the positive development of Jamaica's Youth and continues to do so with the same passion and drive.


Message to Young People

"Persevere despite the challenges, remain focused, set smart goals; be a part of a movement greater than you; Know yourself; read; seek out knowledge; pray for wisdom and understanding; be vigilant and care for others."