Enable the Disabled - Youth Parliamentarians

Date Published: 
Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Youth Parliament of Jamaica has convened at Gordon House with issues affecting the disabled community dominating presentations by the young leaders.

The 74 members from diverse areas of national life are making contributions on youth unemployment, climate change and psychosocial care for children.

Cristophe Phillips of the Jamaica Association for the Deaf made an impassioned plea for more resources to support education of members of that community at the tertiary level.

In his signing which was translated for the Parliament, Phillips said some members of the deaf community cannot do higher level studies in Jamaica because institutions here lack the resources.


christophe phillips national youth parliament jamaica association for the deaf
Christophe Phillips from the Jamaica Association for the Deaf, making his presentation in the Sitting of the National Youth Parliament 2016


Meanwhile, a member of the blind community, Ayoki Sargeant, lamented the lack of conducive environments for people like her to have gainful employment.

Sargeant is from the National Youth Service, which earlier this year disclosed that employers rejected dozens of persons from the disabled community for the summer work programme.

She said members of the disabled community deserve equity and equality in fulfilling their dreams.

Sargeant has called for the Government to understake public education campaigns among other things to reduce discrimination.

Gender-based violence, rural development and skills training were also debated on the youth unemployment motion which was approved.

The Youth Parliament is a part of youth month activities being spearheaded by the education ministry.


Ayoki Sargeant National Youth Parliament 2016
Ayoki Sargeant