Energise the Mass of Youth through Creativity! - Minister Green

Date Published: 
Sunday, November 6, 2016

Below is a message from the Hon. Floyd Green, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, in commemoration of Youth Month 2016. 




National Message
Youth Month 2016
Minister of State, Ministry of Education, Youth & Information
Hon. Floyd Green, M.P.
E=MC2 – Energizing Youth

The energy of our young people is the element that will drive the wave of prosperity in Jamaica. The theme of this year’s Youth Month, E=MC2: Energising YOUth is a call to awaken and fuel our youth into action. The collective voices of our youth can spark the change in the systems that are failing – their collective action in areas that give them purpose and drive can bring the economic revolution that will transform our island home.

At the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, we believe that youth are uniquely positioned to drive a fundamental shift in the way we think as a nation and the way we act. As such, we encourage our youth to unleash this positive energy. Our Government will continue to provide avenues through which we can channel your energy to create lasting change and a prosperous Jamaica. In keeping with this mission, #YouthMonth2016 provides various platforms through which our youth will not only be energized, but their energy will be harnessed and released.

Hon. Floyd Green Minister of State Ministry of Education, Youth and Information Jamaica Ruel Reid

Hon. Floyd Green, Minister of State, Ministry of Education, Youth and Information


At the very top of these achievements is the launch of the Youth Advisory Council of Jamaica, a commitment of the Government, as a way to expand the quantity and quality of young people in major decision making positions in Jamaica. The Youth Advisory Council is comprised of sixteen (16) young persons across the length and breadth of the island who will serve two years as the voice of their peers within their communities and parishes. They will be assigned to the Ministers of Government to ensure the youth voice is heard on matters of policy and programmes that are created, and that will inevitably affect them.

Another commitment to our youth which will be honoured this November is the re-introduction of the Youth Parliament, which last held a sitting in 2009. On November 14, 2016, 80 of the over 400 youth who applied for the Parliament will be representing a wide cross-section of youth, including our youth with disabilities. Already, the Ministry through the Youth and Adolescents Policy Division has started the process to energise the young parliamentarians during consultations. The nation will feel the passion and energy when they make their presentations in parliament. However, this sitting of the Youth Parliament will not be a “talk shop”. Youth parliamentarians will serve for a year and will be expected to champion the resolutions passed. Additionally, the Houses of Parliament will be apprised of the matters discussed and the resolutions passed.

Youth with entrepreneurial aspirations will have an equal opportunity throughout the month to be inspired by professionals within the private sector in a number of business sessions called Around the Table Talks, in an effort for them to do the necessary networking to further energise their entrepreneurial drive. These sessions will provide a pivotal platform for the youth involved to leverage their innovation and creativity while partnering with the Government through programmes geared towards unleashing their entrepreneurial endeavours, thus contributing to the goal of a prosperous Jamaica.

International Students Day, held globally on November 17 will be spearheaded in high schools by the National Secondary Students Council (NSSC), who will engage our students in frank, solution-oriented discussions around the issues of safety and security. Consultations will be held in six Regions, and we encourage our students to participate. The Jamaica Union of Tertiary Students (JUTS) will also be hosting a webinar on student activism, commencing at 4:00 p.m.

The first annual staging of the Youth Festival – a youth-centric event that urges youth to “think, play, create, vibe, dream and build” as they tap into their creative energies as trendsetters and innovators in the areas of music, digital arts and technology will be held on November 25 on the lawns of Devon House. The Youth Festival will not only be a display of youth talent in diverse areas but there will also be workshops that will be held to provide meaningful advice and expertise to those present to assist in building their already honed skills.

Sports is such an integral part of our youth development programme and a means by which youth of all walks of life socialise. It is against that backdrop that a six –a –side- football and netball competition is scheduled for November 5 and 6, allowing youth club members and community members the opportunity to participate, learn team building skills and exercise together in a competitive yet peaceful atmosphere. The finals for the football competition will be held on November 27 in Treasure Beach, St.Elizabeth.

If given the opportunity, Jamaican youth have the energy and innate creativity to solve many of the country’s ills. Our youth are influencers, overcomers and creators and it is they who will be the architects of an economically and socially prosperous Jamaica.

So all month, celebrate with us as we:

Energize (E) the Mass (M) of youth through Creativity (C) –E=MC2