ENTER - NYP Creative Challenge

Date Published: 
Monday, November 1, 2021

As part of the National Youth Month launch, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information have launched the National Youth Policy Creative Challenge (Competition) as part of the thrust to increase public awareness of the National Youth Policy among key stakeholders, particularly youth as the main target group.

The goal of the competition is to continue to educate the broader public on the intended outcomes of the revised National Youth Policy and to encourage youth participation. Ultimately, this will increase youth engagement and solidify them as a key partner in contributing to the improved outcomes of youth development initiatives in the country.

The Competition offers Jamaican youth the opportunity to express why at least one of the six National Youth Policy goals are important to You/th and their responsibility in supporting the government’s youth development initiatives in fulfilling the policy’s intended goals. 

The NYP outlines the following goals and priorities:

1.     Education and Training: Improve access to quality Secondary, Tertiary Education, and Vocational Training Opportunities

2.    Health & Well-Being: Increase access to sexual, reproductive, and mental health care services among youth cohort

3.    Employment and Entrepreneurship: Increase the percentage of youth who have access to decent employment and entrepreneurship opportunities

4.    Youth Participation: Maximize youth participation in national and political decision-making processes

5.    Social Inclusion and Re-integration: Minimize the number of at-risk and vulnerable youth 

6.    Institutional and Youth Sector Arrangements: Professionalized and strengthened youth sector

Entry: Creative pieces can be submitted from November 1, 2021, to December 10, 2021, in the form of written, artistic, or video entries..... 



Entries will be evaluated and shortlisted based on several criteria including but not limited to uniqueness and timeliness.

Eligibility: Jamaican youth (including Caribbean & other foreign youth residing in Jamaica) ages 15-29 are encouraged to participate 

Judging: Shortlisted entries will be posted on @youthjamaica social media pages for the public to follow like, and re-share their favorite creative entry in December and will run until January 28, 2022    

Selection & Award: Posts with the most likes, shares/retweets on or before midnight on Friday, January 28, 2022 WINS!

Prizes: The winning creative pieces will be featured on the Youth Innovation Centres website, social media, print material, and other mediums. In total, six first-place winners will be selected per NYP goal to receive Tablets.