Gihon Mitchell

"Success and more success inspires me to even do more for young people.
I am inspired by my own values: the value of being successful inspire me to push others in becoming successful. The value of helping others also inspires me to do my work and I love it.

The love for my country and the future of Jamaica also inspires me knowing that the more educated and empowered the future generation is then the brighter the future of Jamaica is."

Mr. Gihon Mitchell is a Youth Empowerment Officer for St. Catherine and joined the YAPD team in early 2013. he holds a Diploma in Youth Development Work from NCTVET, a  Diploma & Associate Degree in Entertainment & Events Management from Vocational Development Institute and is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Youth Development Work at the University of the West Indies.  

As a Youth Empowerment Officer Mr Mitchell has particular interest in:

  • Youth development through edutainment including the performing arts and sports. 
  • Life skills training as its very important that youth develops soft skills which will assist them in making better and more calculated decisions in life. 
  • Leadership and self esteem building- empowering young person’s to become great leaders and believing in themselves, once they can believe in themselves and is self motivated to try, they will be able to achieve something great in life. 
  • Organizing and events planning-planning and organizing events for youth,  is one of hispassions, whether its  youth forums, camps, concerts or sports days


In his first 10 months as a YEO Gihon has quite a few achievements, including:

  • Commonwealth Youth Workers Award (Jamaica) - 2016
  • Assisting in the revamping of the St. Catherine Youth Council which was not active when he took office. This was done with the assistance of Simone Green, Youth Empowerment Officer for St. Catherine. They now have a newly elected council executive and are having both executive meetings and general council meetings.
  • The development of a Floorball Club in Portmore; floorball is a new sport which resembles floor hockey, and is a sport which promotes leadership, good sportsmanship and discipline. This will be the first floorball club in St. Catherine and the first Floorball club outside of Kingston. 
  • Successfully started discussions and planning in an effort to start a new performing arts group with previous members of a performing arts group which became dormant in Portmore. One of the main areas of focus is to promote healthy life style to youth through the use of the performing arts and to empower youth utilizing drama, music and dance. 
  • Assisted in bringing back life to the student council bodies in the parish along with Simone Green and also the audits of 50 youth groups.
  • Managed to increase the awareness of YAPD and youth opportunities through the new St. Catherine Youth Information Page on Facebook and also the management of the present Portmore YIC page.
  • Made great representations on various committees and boards such at the PDC and the Municipality Security and Safety Committee.

Mr Mitchell looks forward to continued growth and success as he continues his journey as a part of the YAPD team.

Messsage for Young People:

"Whatever the mind can conceive you can achieve; this is something I believe and I know if you as young people understand this you also will begin to think and act different (pursue your passion).

Don’t doubt yourself believe you can achieve your dreams, then work towards it, be confident and (pursue your passion.) Your life is in your hands you have the power to make tomorrow brighter, you have the power to be successful (pursue your passion), yes it will take a lot of work, but if you want it then go for it and even if you don’t get a miracle create your own miracle, (pursue your passion) the choice is yours, it is you who has the power to pursue your passion and make your dreams no longer a dream but reality. "