Hanna Condemns Killing of Children

Date Published: 
Thursday, January 31, 2013

Minister of Youth and Culture the Honourable Lisa Hanna is condemning in the strongest terms the continued  killing of children. She says the killing of innocent children is robbing the society of its potential for future greatness, as it depletes valuable human resource. She notes that the recent murder of 4 year old Rushane Burford in execution style, and 14 year old  Shariefa Saddler is sad evidence of a new level of  heartlessness and senseless cruelty  that seems to be taking root in Jamaica.

“There can be no issue that can justify someone wickedly training their gun on an innocent 4 year old or raping and killing a 14 year old girl. Killing our innocent children for any reason is a cowardly and reprehensible act”

The Youth Minister is calling on all persons with information to assist the police in their investigations as they seek to bring the perpetrators to justice. She said such persons must see it as their solemn duty to stop the cancer that seems to be taking root in our society.

She said noted that young Rushane’s death came within 24 hours of the brutal slaying of  of 14 year old Shariefa Saddler.

“When a young girl such as Shariefa,  diligently seeking to go to school early in the morning, can be brutalized  in the manner she was, then we as a nation must come to terms with the new level to which evil has grown” she said.

She said the families and friends of both children need our support in what must be a very difficult time.