HOPE Programme

The *HOPE Programme* continues to recruit youth between the ages of 18-24 years for training and apprenticeship experience. Participants will be trained and certified in several areas including Digitization, General Construction, Customer Service, GIS Mapping, Hospitality among others. *HOPE for Youth* NOT in school NOT working NOT in other training *How to Apply* Complete the application form and drop off at any HEART Trust NTA office (ask for HOPE forms at the HEART/NYS offices) *Or* Apply online at https://hope.heart-nta.org/apply.aspx Applicants will be required to attend training inclusive of Core Skills(Values and Attitudes) and Technical Skills training. *HOPE* is actively seeking apprenticeship opportunities in various organizations for the placement of interns. When spaces become available, participants will then be placed as apprentices for up to a year and a stipend will be paid fortnightly. For more information please email [email protected] or call or visit any HEART/NYS office.