I2Tech: A Working Relationship


I2Tech: A Working Relationship

by Alicia Carr


“Incorporating technology into the classroom requires a double innovation,” says Shelley Pasnik. Institute of Innovation and Technology (I2 Tech), a privately owned institution has mastered the art of double innovation. Our training is in partnership with HEART Trust/NTA Community Training Intervention programme.

This program conceptualizes framework and focuses on the inclusion and utilization of innovative and technological approaches to programme delivery and management as well as the provision of training and certification consultancy services.

Since our inception, the Manchester Youth Information Centre (MYIC) has been rendering technological services to our students. These include, but are not limited to, the use of their computers, internet services and printer. Separate and apart from that, MYIC offers workshops geared towards educational advancement and personal and professional development.

These services have benefitted our students greatly as they are able to retrieve educational resources to enhance their learning which enables them to contribute positively to discussions in class. Passive education has proven to be of little help to learners and in this digital era the younger generation is becoming more tech savvy. For their betterment we can always fuse learning with technology. It will not only help the students but will be beneficial for teachers as well. MYIC has aided in that and will continue as long as they are around.