Jamaica Prefects' Association (JPA)



The Jamaica Prefects’ Association (JPA) is the governing body representing all prefects of secondary schools in Jamaica.Initially named the National Head Prefects Association of Jamaica, the JPA was developed out of the “Peace for Champs Campaign 2007-2008.” This body was started under the stewardship of the then Jamaica College Head Boy Carlos Gordon in 2008. It subsequently morphed in the Jamaica Prefects’ Association after the then Minister of Education, the Honourable Andrew Holness subsequently endorsed the initiative in November 2008.


The JPA, represents students from secondary schools, coordinates prefectures islandwide, and promotes the development of student leaders.The JPA works to ensure that prefects understand their roles in their respective institutions as well as to respond to the desire, needs and concerns of student leaders. Additionally, the JPA adopts a multi-faceted approach to better enable its student’s leaders to advance holistically.


In August 2019, the JPA was adopted by the Ministry of Education, where it receives technical and financial support from the Student Governance Progarmme, through the Youth & Adolescents Policy Division (YAPD). Through capacity building workshop and initiatives prefects are therefore equipped to positively impact not only their schools but to spread the energy of student leadership across the island. 

In Jamaica, many schools at the secondary and tertiary levels have student systems operating in their institutions. Students in these bodies may be called ‘prefects’, ’monitors’ or ‘captains’. Prefects are mostly chosen by school authorities for their academic ability and conformity to the philosophy of the school, while it has its irritations, is considered an honor.

Prefects have been part of the British school system for decades. School prefects are somewhat similar to the American hall monitor; students who are basically an extension of the school administration are utilized to enforce school regulations. 


The role of a School Prefect is not limited to one thing and will include: assisting teaching staff in their lessons, supervising the canteen corridor and queues, organizing activities and maintaining order in the School. Prefects are mainly chosen on the basis of their leadership skills. 



  • October 22, 2019- Relaunch of the JPA, ceremony hosted at Wolmer’s Boys’ School (after a 10-year hiatus) – 250 students in attendance.
  • January 13, 2019,- New Year Church Service at the Bethel Baptist Church
  • February 25, 2019- Student Conference and Communications Workshop at the University of Technology, Jamaica. Event attended by Senator Damion Crawford’s and Minister Alando Terrelonge
  • March 23, 2019 -  Sports Day, Region 5 (St Elizabeth and Manchester) hosted at Manchester High School.
  • April 16, 2019 -  JPA Courtesy Call to Prime Minister the Honourable Andrew Holness
  • June 2019, - JPA islandwide school tour, eight high schools were visited, including Kemps Hill High School, Denbigh High School, Robert Lightbourne High School, and Rusea’s High School.
  • June 15, 2019- JPA leadership workshop, hosted at Turtle River Park.
  • November 22, 2020 – Joint Induction Ceremony, Jamaica Conference Centre
  • December – January– Christmas Outreach Projects
  • February 2, 2020 – New Year’s Church Service, over 400 Prefects in attendance

Contact the JPA at 876-922-1400 (ext 6128) or via email [email protected]