Jamaica Youth Ambassadors Programme

Applications are now open for the 2019-2021 Jamaica Youth Ambassadors Programme 

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2017-2019 Jamaica Youth Ambassador Corps.

(l-r) Odayne Haughton (YA-CARICOM), Santana Morris (YA-UN General Assembly), Simone Townsend (YA-CARICOM), His Excellency Sir Patrick Allen (Governor General of Jamaica), Hon. Floyd Green (State Minister - Ministry of Education, Youth and Information), Sophia Bryan (YA-Commonwealth), Nicholas Kee (YA-Commonwealth), Charles Young (YA-UN General Assembly)



The Jamaica Youth Ambassadors Programme (JaYAP) was established in 2000 by the Youth Division of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information as a strategy to promote youth advocacy and facilitate youth participation in decision-making processes. Since 2000, the JaYAP has produced a number of youth leaders, who have offered representation of Jamaican youth issues at the national, regional and international levels.



YAs have the responsibility of advocating for and educating young people as per issues defined through consultations at CARICOM Youth Ambassadors Programme, the Commonwealth Youth Programme and the UN General Assembly. YAs also bring national issues to the attention of policy makers and planners at the Regional/international level though the coordination/collation of data relating to youth issues at the national level.

For 2017-2019, six young persons aged 27 years or younger have been selected as Jamaica Youth Ambassadors in the Portfolio Areas as follows: