JUTS Nomination (Open)


Application for Nominations to the JUTS Executive opened on January 22, 2021, and will close on February 15, 2021. The election will be held on March 15-16, 2021 and Appointments (including co-option) will be conducted on April 19-23, 2021Interested Applicants Must Apply Online at https://forms.gle/gEBtBVnELkhP9MEp7

Application for Nominations are open for the following positions on the Executive of the JUTS:

Elected Executives:

  • President 
  • Vice President – Advocacy, Policy Research & Development

  • Vice President - National & International Relations 

  • General Secretary 

  • Deputy General Secretary 

  • Treasurer 

  • Deputy Treasurer 

  • Director of Communications 

  • Deputy Director of Communications

  • Projects & Special Initiative Executive Coordinator
  • 11. Returning Officer
  • 12. Regional Coordinator—South East, Representing: Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Catherine, & St. Thomas.
  • 13. Regional Coordinators — North East, Representing St. Ann, St. Mary & Portland.
  • 14. Regional Coordinator — Southern, Representing: Clarendon, Manchester, & St. Elizabeth
  • 15. Regional Coordinator — Western, Representing: Westmoreland, Hanover St. James, & Trelwany.

Co-opted Executives:

16. Under Secretary       

  1. Associate Under Secretary   
  2. Assistant Under Secretary    
  3. Social Media ‘Engagement’ Executive       
  4. Multi-Media ‘Graphics Design’ Executive   
  5. Executive Press Editor        
  6. Advocacy & Policy Research Executive      
  7. Int’l (Student Governance) Relations Executive 

Students interested in applying for the nomination of candidacy must meet the basic ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS for JUTS candidacy as outlined hereunder:

All applicants must:

  1. Be a member (past/present) of the executive body of their School’s Students’ Governing Body or on the executive of any Student-Led Groups (Clubs & Societies) registered under their Student Governing Body at the tertiary level
  2. Be endorsed (a nomination moved and seconded) by the General Membership of JUTS


  1. Provide a list of 20 names, (signatures, and contact information) of tertiary students from three (3) tertiary institutions each indicating their support for your nomination. Applicable for Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates: optional but highly recommended for all other elected positions.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 on the 4.0 Scale


Applicants for the position of JUTS President Must:

  1. Be or have been in a  senior/executive leadership positions (Presidents, Vice Presidents etc.) of their School’s Students’ Governing Body


  1. Have served/serving as an Executive Officer of the JUTS

The following Supporting Documents must be uploaded in the online application:

1.    Recent passport size  photograph (digital photograph)

2.    Signed Student Release Form; Download form at https://shorturl.at/jmHY1

3.    Signed Student Governing Body Nomination Form; Download form at https://shorturl.at/alpR7

4.    Signed (General) Students Nomination Sheet (If Applicable) Download form at https://shorturl.at/cnsBN



  1. Applications must be submitted by February 15, 2021 to the Jamaica Union of Tertiary Students, C/o the Youth & Adolescent Policy Division, The Ministry of Education, and Youth & Information: 2-4, National Heroes Circle Kingston.
  2. Student/Service Release Form, Student Governing Body Nomination Form and Students’ Nomination Form(s) must be submitted no later than the application deadline.
    1. The signature column on the nomination forms is optional.
  3. No late nor paper applications will be accepted, if experiencing technical challenges affecting the online submission of your application then make enquiry via phone or email using contact details at the footnote in the online application.
  4. Candidates for elected positions are required to submit a short campaign video no longer than three (3) minutes introducing themselves, qualification and their vision for JUTS.
    1. Videos are to be submitted via wetransfer.com/ addressed to [email protected]  
    2. Add your video file and include your name and position of interest in the subject area.
  5. Applications are open to students who will remain within the tertiary education system for at least one year during their tenure.
  6. All applicants will be required to attend video conferencing briefings and capacity building sessions prior to and after election and appointment.