Meet the YAPD Team


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The Youth and Adolescents Policy Division (YAPD) is the division within the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information that has core responsibility for the development, implementation and the management of policies and programmes relating to Jamaican youth between the ages of 15-29 years. The Division is also charged with overseeing the bilateral agreements with International Development Partners and the subsequent execution of funded programmes. 

The YAPD was formerly known as the National Centre for Youth Development (NCYD). 


YAPD Vision: 

• The lead entity that promotes holistic and positive youth development 


YAPD Mission: 

• To support, facilitate and coordinate holistic and positive youth development through research, advocacy, policy initiatives, programming actions, youth participation, partnership and collaboration. 


YAPD Goals: 

• Develop and implement policies and programmes that will address current youth development priorities 

• Coordinate the implementation of the National Youth Policy Priorities 

• Provide spaces and opportunities for youth participation and empowerment 

• Encourage and foster multi-sectoral partnership 

• Promote social inclusion and non-discriminatory actions 

• Fulfil bilateral agreements 


Expected Outcomes of the YAPD:

• Society recognition of youth as a demographic dividend 

• Improved recognition and acceptance of the value of self among adolescents and youth 

• Increased youth engagement and youth involvement in national decision making and policy formulation 

• Improved educational and training participation among adolescents and youth in all capability and circumstances 

• Heightened consciousness of health and wellbeing among adolescents and youth