MYIC hops across Manchester for Easter Treat

Date Published: 
Friday, April 21, 2017

Children and young people across Jamaica and particularly in Manchester, look forward to the Easter holidays for varied reasons; lots of bun and cheese, a break from a stressful school term, time with family, among others. For many in state care, while they recognise with the festivities of bun and cheese they are also aware of the reason for the season “the death and resurrection Jesus Christ”. With the hope of giving some of these wards hope for Easters to come, the Manchester Youth Information Centre (MYIC) team hopped across the parish of Manchester for what has become their annual week long Easter Bunny Hop Treat.

The treat which, took place from April 10-13, saw the team making 4 hops- Hanbury Home for Children in Kendal; Mt. Olivet Boys’ House in Walderston; Windsor Lodge Home in Royal Flat; and Our Lady of Hope Children’s Home in Spur Tree.

The team, joined by member of the Outreach Committee of the Lions Club of Mandeville, Lion Pauline and Manager of International Youth Fellowship (IYP) Mandeville, Joseph Kim, made the rounds to the homes, starting with Hanbury Home for Children on Monday, Mt. Olivet and Windsor Lodge on Wednesday, with the final ‘hop’ being at Our Lady of Hope on Thursday. Deliveries of bun and cheese were made at each home, with an additional gift of homemade play dough being delivered at Our Lady of Hope.

YEO, Charlene McLaughlin and Lion Pauline showed that they were able to hold their own against the ‘fling-fast’ bowlers in a game of cricket at Hanbury, while Ms. White, who didn’t care much for cricket, played a short but fun game of pickup basketball with some of the boys. Volunteers, Jerome and Jason Simpson, with their younger brother, Rojay joined in after their wickets fell. The boys at the Mt. Olivet Boys’ Home were engaged in a game of scrimmage by our volunteers and Mr. Kim shared with the children at Windsor Lodge about the plan of salvation and how Jesus’ death on the cross demonstrated the depth of His love for humanity.

Having the treat was not without its challenges, as the team had to make the trips without Mr. Henry Atkinson, more popularly known to the children as Santa Jughead. His theatrics is something the children always look forward to. The rain also forced the team to make two stops on one day which shortened the time that they were able to spend at each home. There was the additional issue of going to the homes at a time that would have enabled the engagement of more persons. However, the homes expressed their gratitude for the efforts of the team.