National Secondary Students' Council (NSSC)


Members of the NSSC 2019-2020 National & Regional Executive


The National Secondary Students’ Council was established in 1975, through a policy brought before government in 1973. This policy came as a response to the growing demand for effective student representation and the need for students’ involvement in the decision making process of schools at the all levels. As student advocacy saw tremendous growth in Jamaica in the 1970’s, student governance received legitimacy through the Education Act of 1980.

The Education Act of 1980 stated that:

 “every public education institution shall have a students’ council, which shall consist of elected representatives of students with at least one staff advisor, elected by students.”

The Act also outlined that “through the student councils at the secondary and tertiary levels the student shall have the right to –

  • Democratically elect their representatives;
  • Have representation on the board of the institution;
  • Meet with the principal, and staff or both, on any matter affecting the students’ interest

The programme was revamped in 2003 under the leadership of the Director of the National Centre for Youth Development and currently represents 165 secondary schools and over 30,000 students. The NSSC continues its representation of Jamaica’s students with the guiding philosophy, “responsible students make the difference”.


President  Six (6) Vice Presidents
General Secretary  Six (6) Asst. Vice Presidents
Public Relations Officer  Six (6) Secretaries / P.R.O.s


The NSSC continues to impact as a youth led organisation. Additional activities include:

  • Donate 2 educate, where books were donated and given to needy students and libraries in school
  • Rights, Respect and Responsibility (RRR) Campaign, and most recently the Value, be wise and respect YOU, 2013 (VBR)Campaign (geared at promoting abstinence and self worth amongst students)
  • Capacity Building Workshops
  • Entrepreneurship Expos
  • Mentorship programme
  • Training seminars
  • Visit to Children’s Homes
  • Essay competitions and other modes of empowerment


Contact the NSSC at 876-922-1400 (EXT 6128) or via email at [email protected].


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