National Youth Council of Jamaica (NCYJ)

The National Youth Council of Jamaica is the umbrella organisation for youth clubs across Jamaica, which seeks to foster youth participation at the community level, and advocate for youth participation in all levels of governance through providing assistance in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of government policy regarding youth.


Membership is open to any youth organization provided that:

  • It is non-partisan;

  • It is voluntary;

  • It has a minimum of fifteen members exclusive of the Executive;

  • Seventy-five percent of its members are between the ages of 15 and 29

  • It has an elected executive;

  • It has a set of rules and regulations consistent with the Council’s constitution, and

  • The main focus of the organization is promotion of youth interest and development.

Please note that by the term “Youth Club” or “Youth Organization”, we refer to the following groups: non-political community youth clubs, sports clubs, faith-based organizations, uniformed youth organizations, special interest youth groups, or civic youth groups.





The National Youth Council of Jamaica (NYCJ) is inviting nominations to fill the following positions on its Executive Body:
     • Chairman
     • 1st Deputy Chairman  
     • 2nd Deputy Chairman
     • Financial Controller
     • General Secretary
     • Public Relations Officer

The National Youth Council of Jamaica is also inviting nominations to fill the following positions on the Parish Youth Councils:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Secretary                                
    • Treasurer
    • Public Relations Officer

*Kindly refer to the document ‘National Youth Council of Jamaica By – Laws’ for a description of the roles and responsibilities of persons holding each of these positions. For By-Laws CLICK HERE


     • Candidates for nomination must be members of a non-political and Community Based Youth Organization
       (CBYO) listed on the Youth Organization Survey /Registry assessed by the Youth and Adolescents Policy
        Division of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information.
     • All Candidates for nomination to the Executive of the National Youth Council of Jamaica & Parish Youth  
        Councils must be between 18 -27 years old, by March 31, 2021
     • Candidates for nomination must not be an elected officer of any political or lobby group.
     • Candidates should be Jamaican by descent, birth, or naturalization.

   1. Each person may be nominated for only one post.
   2. Candidates for all positions must be nominated by a youth club under the signature of the President and the secretary.
   3. The nominee must be a member in good standing with a CBYO for at least 12 months before February 16, 2021
   4. The nomination of candidates for the National Executive must then be seconded by the President and
Secretary of at least five (5) other youth clubs from across five (5) parishes with each of the three
counties (Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey), having a representative club.
  5. The nomination of Candidates for the Parish executive must be seconded by the President and Secretary of five (5) youth clubs from within the parish.
  6. Youth Clubs shall indicate their support of a nominee by signing the nomination sheets provided.
  7. Youth Clubs may nominate only one candidate per post. However, a Club may indicate their support for any number of candidates for any post.
   8. Each nominee at the National level must submit two passport size photos and two character references with their nomination form. A YAPD Youth Empowerment Officer or an SDC Community Development Officer must be one of the character references.
   9. All nomination forms will be subject to review and approval by the Returning Officer for the Elections.

Nomination forms must be completed online and submitted by March 09, 2021, to the NYCJ Election Secretariat. Please call the Ministry at telephone 876-922-1400-5 or email the election secretariat at [email protected] for additional information.
Please see the link to the online nomination form: ">CLICK HERE
Please see the following link to access and view only the physical form - CLICK HERE