Nicholas Kee

Nicholas Kee: Jamaica Youth Ambassador - Commonwealth

Nicholas KeeNicholas is a passionate and innovative individual driven by curiosity and rebellion for the status quo hailing from Spanish Town, St. Catherine. After deciding not to pursue the traditional path of tertiary education, his journey has taken him to explore and learn His background extends to the extremes of social impact, entrepreneurship, science and technology.

Since the beginning of his career, he has started companies in the sectors of education, marketing, big data and 3D & 4D printing. He has had the honor of working with NASA, CERN, Red Cross International and the United Nations on renewable energy related projects and policy reform for developing countries and refugee camps.

He is the co-founder and Executive Director of Next Gen Creators - a non-profit organization aimed at promoting youth software development and tech-entrepreneurship in the Caribbean. Nicholas is featured in the Junior Achievement Worldwide #100Lives Campaign and is a recent recipient of the Queen’s Young Leaders Runner-up Award.

Nicholas wants to inspire generations of students to not only explore STEM, but also be the best they can be. His time is spent mostly thinking about ways in which technology can transform developing nations to bring economic fruition