Nicholas Mayne

Whatever you do, allow it to defend you instead of you defining your action.


Mr. Nicholas Mayne has been working with youth since 1994. He joined the YAPD in 2007, with his key interests of youh development being: 

  • Training and Certification
  • Youth and Agriculture

Mr Mayne attended the Church Teachers College, where he studied Geography/Science Complimentary Social Studies and further went on to gain a BSc from the University of the West Indies in Geology.

As a YEO, Mr Mayne's major accomplishments have been the Planning and implementation of a child abuse forum at the Warsop Primary school and assisting some youths in gaining employment at Sandals Mobay and on a cruise ship. He has also achieved:

  • Training and certification (Level 1 HEART/NTYA) of youths in Commercial food Preparation, and General Office Administration.
  • Planting of ornamental plants at the Warsop Primary school as part of a beautification project. (ongoing)
  • CSEC Geography classes at the Albert Town High school.
  • Youth forum at Troy High and Warsop Primary on Child Abuse.
  • Community outreach activities
  • Out of school youth training in human sexual behaviour

His major accomplishments have been:

  • HIV awareness training
  • Interclub quiz
  • Beautification project

Mr Mayne continues to be a strong member of the YAPD team and his dedication to positive youth development strengthens each year.

Message to young people

"Go after whatever you want in life with or without the support of others, since at the end of what you decided you will be held accountable. "