Nomination Criteria

The Prime Minister’s National Youth Awards salutes young persons, between the ages of 15 and 29, who have distinguished themselves in various sectors, including: journalism, entrepreneurship, agriculture, leadership, community service, academics, art and culture, sports and international achievement. The public is asked to nominate the young persons in their community for this prestigious award.


Click here to download the 2019 PM Youth Awards Nomination Form




Agriculture / Agro-Processing

The nominee must distinguish him/herself in the field of agriculture. S/he must:

  • Own and operate an agro-business endeavour which incorporates the use of new technology in agricultural productions and/or
  • Have advanced scientific research in agriculture.



The nomineed must be distinguished as an emerging youth innovator or entrepreneur. S/he must:

  • Operate a profitable, registered business venture that is tax compliant;
  • Generate levels of direct and indirect employment.



The nominee should have produced a high standard of journalism. S/he must:

  • Conduct consistent in-depth coverage of National, REgional or International issues relating to youth development;
  • Have received a regional or international award of recognition for his/her journalistic endeavours.



The nominee should have consistently demonstrated leadership qualities at a world class level. S/he must:

  • Demonstrate an active leadership history at the corporate, local, national or international level;
  • Have made significant impact during his/her tenure;
  • Served at the specified levels for a minimum of three years.


Arts and Culture

The nominee must have proven him/herself to be outstanding in the visual,performing, literary or culinary arts or culture. S/he must:

  • Have gained international recognition, evidenced by competition results, international reviews or international chart standings;
  • Have participated in a minimum of two critically acclaimed exhibitions or productions.



The nominee must have achieved significant success at the junior or senior level in his/her sport. S/he must:

  • Have attained a gold, silver or bronze medal in a junior and/or senior level international competition;
  • Have attained a consistent world ranking (1-10) in his/her sport;
  • Have achieved a world-leading performance


Nation Builder Award (Volunteerism)

The nominee must have demonstrated outstanding and consistent voluntary service relevant to the development of youth and the community. S/he must:

  • Have positiively impacted youth at a national or community level
  • Have consistently serced voluntarily over at least a 3-year period
  • Have given service which is not related to mandatory obligations for work or school



The nominee must display outstanding academic achievement in their field of study. S/he must:

  • Have completed all units of CAPE Level I and II or A'Levels (with distinctions), and attained a top 3 ranking regionally or internationally and/or
  • Have completed a Bachelors Degree and attained a First Class Honours or maintained an A+ academic average throughout the course of study and/or
  • Post-graduate nominees must have completed a thesis with distinction and/or published research papers whihc have gained international recognition


International Achievement

The nominee must have gained international top 10 world ranking or recognition in a field other than the above mentioned categories. 


Youth Work Award

The individual or organisation must:

  • Have been involved in youth work for over a period of five years;

  • Have significantly impacted youth from one of the priority grops of the National Youth Policy;
  • Demonstrate that their work has been acknowledged as best practice