NSSC Nominations 2018 -19

2018-01-08 10:40
2018-02-13 05:00

The National Secondary Students’ Council (NSSC), is now accepting nominations for student councillors to serve on its National & Regional Executive 2017-18. The nomination period is scheduled for January 8 – February 13, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Nominations will be accepted for the following positions on the Executive of the NSSC:

·  National President

·  General Secretary

·  National Treasurer

·  National Public Relations Officer

·  Six (6) Vice Presidents for Regions I-VI

·  Six (6) Assistant Vice Presidents for Region I-VI

·  Six (6) Secretary/PRO I-VI

Please find attached the application forms and bulletin to be shared with your respective stakeholders. Students may apply online by clicking this linkhttps://goo.gl/Pf2SjW . It should be noted that an application will be deemed incomplete, if the original nomination form and supporting documents are not submitted, before or by the deadline.


Applicants must:

1.Must be a registered student at a NSSC member institution (see attached listing)

2.Have served on their School’s Student Council body for at least a year

3.Maintain at least a 55% academic average

4.Have an attendance record of at least 90%


***Regional: Applicants must submit a list of 75 names, signatures, and contact information of secondary students no less than 5 schools indicating their support. The signatures should include at least one school from each of the parishes in your region.  Only the nomination sheet found in the application package should be used to compile this list.

***National: Applicants must submit a list of 100 (names, signatures, and contact information) of secondary students from 10 schools.

- 5 schools (at least one from each parish, within the region to which your school is located)

-5 schools (from at least 3 schools external to your region) indicating their support. Only the nomination sheet found in the application package should be used to compile this list.

For further information call 978-7881 or 618-5116 or email to [email protected]. Supporting documents should be mailed to National Secondary Student Council, c/o 4-6 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 5, or emailed to the above mentioned email address.



Option 1: Mail or Personal Delivery


National Secondary Students' Council 

c/o Ministry of Education, Youth & Information - Youth & Adolescent Policy Division

4-6 Trafalgar Road

Kingston 5


Option 2: Email (Preferred)


Subject: NSSC Nomination (Post, Name of School)

Email address: [email protected]