Orlando Pinto


Orlando Pinto started working with the Ministry of Youth and Culture in November 2015, but has been involved in youth work for over 15 years. His primary areas of interest are:

  • Youth Development (Entrepreneurial, Cultural development, Cooperate/private accessibility for youth,  Empowerment strategies and Youth advocacy)
  • Life skills (Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH), HIV and AIDS prevention/Risk reduction,  Self-esteem and general deportment, Crime and Violence, Drug Education, Anger Management and Personal Hygiene and grooming…etc)
  • Networking (All Stakeholders)
Orlando Pinto Youth Empowerment Officer St. Catherine Ministry of Youth and Culture
Orlando Pinto (YEO-St. Catherine) interacts with youth at a recent session


This Youth Empowerment Officer asserts that his inspiration comes from both external and internal sources.

Pinto states:

"both internal and external motivations which guide me to become confident in self - which is filled with positive vibes. It’s the appreciation of giving primacy to human, spiritual and social development of self and others, rather than the material values of life and encouraging the daily living of the golden rules in all relationships."

Pinto has a BSc. in Programme and Project Management, and has utilised his knowledge and skills to:

  • Conduct and monitor booth on Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV and AIDS prevention for “Pon Di Corna” activities in Youth Month, November 2015.

  • Motivate and encourage youth to become more marketable.

  • Assist users of the Youth Information Centre (YIC) with developing and creating resume and letters for job search.

  • Add value to the team’s existing synergy in aiding youth and managing YIC activity.

  • Develop of Peer Education concept paper for YIC which includes Youth Empowerment Office training to conduct Volunteer Testing and Counseling VCT.

  • Conduct sessions with unattached youth from National Youth Service (Self-esteem and Conflict/Anger Management)

  • Conducted sessions with unattached youth from National Youth Service (Self-esteem and Conflict/Anger Management.



Pinto's Message to Young People


What you think about yourself is of far great importance than what others think about you. When you change, for the better, everything around you must change.