Over 50 Unattached Youth Engaged in Programmes at MGYIC

Date Published: 
Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The HEART Trust NTA partnered with the Marcus Garvey Youth Information Centre to facilitate a Pre-technology programme for youths who have dropped out of school or are without academic certification. The youth are enrolled in the National Unattached Youth Programme, which is aimed at improving the livelihoods of youths across Jamaica.

Marcus Garvey Youth Information Centre YIC Unattached Youth Programme HEART Trust

The programme targets unattached youth between 17-30 years, and seeks to increase students literacy and numeracy levels so that they will be able to pass the HEART Trust entry exam.

The Marcus Garvey Youth Information Centre assisted with the recruiting, administrative duties and the facilitation of the programme. Participants are engaged in Remedial Math and English, I.C.T, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Life Skills Training through: Creativity –music, sports, 4H, performing arts and visual arts.

The programme commenced on April 25, 2016, with 54 youths enrolled. The current batch is expected to end September 7, 2016.

The group has gone through extensive personal development interventions, which include: conflict resolution, stress management, personal hygiene, career development, dress and deportment, interviewing skills, sexual and reproductive health and goal setting. They went through a series of mock interview with provided feedback aimed at preparing them for the world of work and advancing in their career fields of choice.