Over 600 Youth Benefit from YEO Sessions in Hanover

Date Published: 
Friday, June 16, 2017

The month of May 2017 saw over 600 young persons from Hanover being supported by Youth Empowerment Officer, Donmarie Latouche. Seven Empowerment Sessions were hosted across the parish during the month, focusing particularly on career development and discipline and parenting.

To start the month, Latouche facilitated a job readiness session and mock interviews at the Hopewell High School on May 1. This session targeted Grades 10 and 11, and provided the students with the opportunity to practice their interviewing skills, while becoming familiar with typical interview questions and interview etiquette.  

A similar session was hosted through partnership with the Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL), with youth enrolled in the JFLL's High School Equivalency Programme on May 12. The JFLL participants were provided with further tips for "Creating the Best First Impression", as these young persons prepared for application and participation in the HEART Trust/NTA Summer Employment Programme. 

One hundred and twenty-five students were further engaged by Miss Latouche at the Knockalva Technical High School in Ramble, Hanover, as the YEO facilitated sessions on "Personality and Career". These sessions were held with Grade 9 students, and were aimed at guiding them in making informed decisions as they selected their the technical and vocactional areas they would be studying in Grade 10. 

With a continued focus on job readiness and employability skills, a further 80 young persons were guided through sessions on "Professionalism in the Workplace", and "Conflict Resolution in the Workplace", as part of their orientation for the HEART Trust/NTA Summer Employment Programme. For many of the young persons in attendance, it was the first time that they had the opportunity to build their competencies in conflict resoultion and conflict management. The experience was therefore welcome, as the students prepared for job placement through the Summer Employment Programme.


Heart Summer Employment Programme Hanover
Donmarie Latouche, engaging participants in the Hanover Orientation Session HEART Trust/NTA Summer Employment Programme


Parents, students and teachers were also engaged through a series of sessions at the Ruseas High School. The sessions targeted students who presented disciplinary and academic challenges. Participants examined the importance of education and discipline, with parents by further guided through strategies for providing proper supervision and support to their children.

Donmarie Latouche has been the Youth Empowerment Officer for Hanover since 2011. Latouche manages the Hanover Youth Information Centre, which is located at Watson Taylor Park in Lucea. Young persons interested in empowerment sessions through the YIC can visit the centre or call 956 3428.