The Charge UP project is a mechanism for revitalising Jamaica’s youth club movement. Historically, youth clubs have been key intervention points for crime prevention, building youth resilience and supporting community development.

By charging up the movement, the campaign focuses on energising youth, strengthening and powering-up youth clubs to fulfill their potential for youth empowerment and community development. The campaign aims to harness the talent and creativity of youth, while recharging youth and youth clubs in communities where the energy may have dissipated over the years.

Youth clubs will be able to plug in to opportunities for financial support, training, mentorship and institutional strengthening from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information. At the same time, young people will be encouraged to plug in to the opportunities for their personal development that are offered through youth clubs.

As a strategy rooted in youth participation, the campaign encourages youth to take charge, and offer leadership in the initiation and implementation of community development projects.