Prime Minister's Youth Awards - Sunday Mar 24

Date Published: 
Friday, March 22, 2013

The Prime Minister's National Youth Awards for Excellence and Jamaican Youth in Concert is scheduled to take place on Sunday March 24 at the Emancipation Park, New Kingston. Approximately thirty (30) young persons, will be honoured for their achievements in sports, agriculture, academics, leadership, journalism, arts and culture, youth in service, entrepreneurship and international achievement.

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, will present the awards at the event, being held under the theme: ‘Youth on a Mission…Project 2062’.

PMThe Prime Minister’s National Youth Awards Ceremony for Excellence was introduced in 1998 by the Most Honourable P.J.Patterson. The Award recognises youth who have excelled and contributed to national development, and seeks to provide a platform for youth to showcase their achievements in various fields. Each recipient must meet the eligibility criteria of 15-24 years as of the end of December of the year the award is granted.

Since the inception of the Prime Minister’s National Youth Awards for Excellence in 1998, one hundred and sixty-five (165) awards have been conferred. The award that the young achievers will be presented with is a 68” obelisk pyramid made of onyx, and mounted on a 4” base. Onyx is used because it is a rare stone, and geologically, no two stones are the same. This is in recognition of the uniqueness of each individual’s achievement. The pyramid itself is tapering, and is selected in recognition of each recipient’s climb to the top of their field, and is symbolic of them being on top of the world. 



The Awards was origninally conceptualised as part of the Values and Attitudes Campaign. To this end, the Awards seeks to promote attitudinal change and social renewal, through reinforcing the positive values of self-discipline, hard work, dedication and humility. The Awards portrays each recipient as a positive role model for their peers as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

The awards show is scheduled to start at 4:00 p.m. and persons are being asked to be seated by 3:30 p.m.




  • Petreen Matthews
  • Andrew Khan


  • Simon Preston
  • Basillia Barnaby


  • Jean Pierre Campbell 

Arts and Culture

  • Chantelle Biersay
  • Romain Virgo


  • Kenneth Gordon
  • Daren Miller
  • Rashid Hall
  • Randy Goldson


  • Timar Jackson
  • Nicholas Wright
  • Kimani Kitson Walters
  • Trojean Burrell

Youth in Service

  • Jordon Bennett
  • Nekeisha Lewis
  • Oneil Clarke
  • Caldon Shirley
  • Sean Harvey

International Achievement

  • Shevaughn Whyte
  • Devoy Raymond
  • Kimroy Bailey
  • Routes and Kulcha (group)


  • Sasha Gay Lynch,
  • Patricia McCalla
  • Alvas Powell
  • Warren Weir