Rhonda Walker-Walters


"Helping individual youth through life altering situations by providing the needed psychological and financial support or just directing them in the direction that the needed support can be accessed. Knowing that I can influence positive change in the life of another is my passion, my desire, my drive, my God given talent."


Rhonda Walker WaltersMrs. Walters is the Youth Empowerment Officer for Trelawny Northern. She has been with the NCYD team since 2007. Mrs. Walters holds a Diploma in Education with specialization in Guidance and Counselling from the Sam Sharpe Teachers College, and a BSc. in Political Science (major) and International Relations (major) from the University of the West Indies. She also has training in HIV/AIDS Voluntary Counselling and Testing and Behaviour Change Communication. 

Her key interest areas in youth development are: 

  • Psychosocial Development
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Care and Protection
  • Career Exploration and Development
  • Mentorship

As a YEO, some of her achievements to date are:

  • Development and implementation of The ‘Big Sisters’ mentorship programme at the Granville Child Care Facility 2010-2015.
  • Ongoing partnership with The Trelawny Parish AIDS Association to increase HIV/AIDS Awareness and the reduction of HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination through the ‘Sound 4 change’ HIV/AIDS Education programme for the past seven years.
  • Partnership with Junior Achievement Jamaica to bring Success Skills Training to grade eleven students to four secondary schools in Trelawny.
  • Engagement of an average of three hundred grade eleven students yearly in career and professional development seminars in partnership with Guidance Counsellors.
  • Development and maintenance of strong multi-sectoral partnerships with other youth and community serving organizations which assists greatly in resource mobilization for her initiatives.



Message to Young People

"We live in a system and it is very important that you learn how the system works so that you can position yourselves strategically to benefit from available opportunities. Information gathering is key; always try to be in the know and take responsibility for your own learning.

 Know who you are and try to improve on areas that make you feel weak and vulnerable. Make sure that your associations are positive and will motivate you to work towards self actualizing; NEVER underestimate the power of association. 

Love God and do good at ALL times…be true to yourself and those around you.
 BE GRATEFUL for each new day because you are presented with another opportunity to do it right.

Remember you are uniquely made, you are special and your life has purpose."