Romain Virgo among Nominees for PM Youth Awards

Date Published: 
Friday, March 15, 2013

Recording Artiste Romain Virgo is among several outstanding young persons who have been nominated for the Prime Minister’s Youth Award for Excellence 2012. The winners will be unveiled at an awards ceremony 

scheduled to take place at Emancipation Park, Kingston, on Sunday, March 24, under the theme: ‘Youth on a Mission…Project 2062’. The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 4:00 p.m. and is open to the public.

The award is a prestigious honour bestowed on youth between 15 and 24 years who have excelled in the following areas: agriculture, arts and culture, academics, entrepreneurship, leadership, international achievement, journalism, sports and youth in service.

The full slate of nominees are: 


  • Petreen Matthews
  • Andrew Khan


  • Simon Preston
  • Basillia Barnaby


  • Jean Pierre Campbell 

Arts and Culture

  • Chantelle Biersay
  • Romain Virgo


  • Kenneth Gordon
  • Daren Miller
  • Rashid Hall
  • Randy Goldson


  • Timar Jackson
  • Nicholas Wright
  • Kimani Kitson Walters
  • Trojean Burrell

Youth in Service

  • Jordon Bennett
  • Nekeisha Lewis
  • Oneil Clarke
  • Caldon Shirley
  • Sean Harvey

International Achievement

  • Shevaughn Whyte
  • Devoy Raymond
  • Kimroy Bailey
  • Routes and Kulcha (group)


  • Sasha Gay Lynch,
  • Patricia McCalla
  • Alvas Powell
  • Warren Weir