Samantha Bartley


Samantha Bartley is assigned to the parish of St. Ann as a Senior Youth Empowerment Officer (Acting). She has been working in the Youth and Adolescents Policy Division of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, when she was assigned as a YEO in June 2015. Miss Bartley attended the Northern Caribbean University where she completed a BSc. in Psychology with a minor in Social Work.

Key Areas of Interest in Youth Development:

  • Youth Entrepreneurship 
  • Literacy and skills training
  • Youth Participation/Involvement
  • Mental Health
  • Environmental Awareness


Key Initiatives

Since joining the team as a Youth Empowerment Officer, Miss Bartley has participated in, and led a number of youth development initiatives. These initiatives include:

  • The MGYIC Summer Programme 2015
  • Youth Month 2015
  • Student Leaders/Peer Counselor's training 2015
  • MGYIC After School Programme
  • Unattached Youth Mentorship Programme
  • Training Unattached Youths in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Trash to Cash Recycling Project- Where the Marcus Garvey Youth Information Center participated in and won the JaREECH climate change fashion competition.

Samantha’s passion for working with youths is drawn from one of her mantras: “success is creating benefits for all and enjoying the process”


Message to Youth:

“There are no limits to your will power. Don’t worry too much about failure. Let those experiences inspire you”