Samantha Bartley


Samantha Bartley is one of the Youth Empowerment Officers for St. Ann. She has been working in the Youth and Adolescents Policy Division of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information since June 2015. Miss Bartley attended the Northern Caribbean University where she completed a BSc. in Psychology with a minor in Social Work.

Key Areas of Interest in Youth Development:

  • Youth Entrepreneurship 
  • Literacy and skills training
  • Youth Participation/Involvement
  • Mental Health
  • Environmental Awareness


Key Initiatives

Since joining the team as a Youth Empowerment Officer, Miss Bartley has participated in, and led a number of youth development initiatives. These initiatives include:

  • The MGYIC Summer Programme 2015
  • Youth Month 2015
  • Student Leaders/Peer Counselor's training 2015
  • MGYIC After School Programme
  • Unattached Youth Mentorship Programme
  • Training Unattached Youths in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Trash to Cash Recycling Project- Where the Marcus Garvey Youth Information Center participated in and won the JaREECH climate change fashion competition.

Samantha’s passion for working with youths is drawn from one of her mantras: “success is creating benefits for all and enjoying the process”


Message to Youth:

“There are no limits to your will power. Don’t worry too much about failure. Let those experiences inspire you”