Scholarship Database 2020

This scholarship webinar was developed as a joint effort between the Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission [JTEC] and Youth Division of the Ministry of Education Youth & Information [MOEYI]. 

The objective of this webinar is to improve student awareness of financial support opportunities that exist for higher education locally. 

This broadcast will engage secondary and tertiary students with information on scholarship and financial aid opportunities which are administered by the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information and other partners in the public and private sectors.

Awareness will be generated on the following areas:

  • Available Scholarship Opportunities.
  • General Terms and Conditions/Eligibility Criteria of each scholarship.
  • Tips on winning a scholarship.
  • JTEC PTF Database

Host/Moderator Ruth Lawrence


  • Dr. Tamika Benjamin – Mathematics Coordinator, MOEYI
  • Ms. Gina Sanguinetti-Philips– Programme Manager, The Caribbean Catastrophe Disaster Risk Insurance Facility, Technical Assistance Team
  • Ms. Lanisia Rhoden – ceo, Link your Purpose
  • Ms. Tracey-Ann Smith – Policiy Analyst, Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission (JTEC)
  • Mr. Matthew Ferguson – Public Relations Officer, Jamaica Tertiary Education Commission (JTEC)

Be sure sure to watch the Scholarship Webinar CLICK HERE

Resources from Webinar:

JTEC's Scholarship Database: CLICK HERE

JTEC'S Programme Fee Tuition (PTF)  Database: CLICK HERE