Social Well-being Programmes

Social well being can be described as the preservation and propagation of quality lifestyle for the ordinary man. In other words it is the states’ responsibility to meet the basic needs of the common people. Making equal the comprehensive status of a society while moving away from any social threats such as poverty, unemployment, medial support, or non-education.

In Jamaica there are a number of programs that are driven by this policy. Some of them are as follows:

  • The Ananda Alert programme: This programme was formulated as a way to combat child kidnapping. Under the programme whenever a child goes missing, a report is made at the nearest police station. After which the police will contact other partners such as the media, telecommunication companies and parish councils. After a protracted period. Photos of the missing child will be distributed for display in key areas of the community. Visit the Ananda Alert Website
  • Child Protect and Family Services Agency: The CPFSA's main responsibility is to protect, implement and coordinate programs that are centred on the rights of a child. Another mandate of the CPFSA is to meet international regulations for children. Some of the services offered are as follows: adoption, foster care and the execution and operation of children’s court.
    Visit the CPFSA Website
  • The PATH programme: Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education. This is a programme in which cash grants are provided to the neediest in society as a means of compensation for their inability to resourcefully provide for themselves.
    Visit the PATH Website
  • Women’s Centre Foundation of Jamaica: The WCFJ is responsible for promoting a new approach to the problems of teenage pregnancy especially as it relates to interrupted education due to pregnancy. They offer counseling to parents of teens and teen parents themselves, homework facility and skills training for both male and female.
    Visit the WCFJ Website
  • RISE Life Management Services: Reaching individuals through skills and education (RISE). This organisation addresses the need of vulnerable youths. Their services range from substance abuse and gambling prevention, community and school based violence awareness, health education and vocational training.
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